Lena original thumbnail Lena and friends

For the story of Lena, see www.lenna.org

Distorted Lena
Apparition of Lena as a cliff in a martian landscape
Mandrill picture again
Mandrill runway
Lena pseudo-3D picture
Lena has feathers
Mandrill image
The mandrill has fur
Another distorted mona lisa Mona satisfied
Lena distorted beyond recognition
Deeper in the feathers
Another famous test picture distorted
Happy Now
Lena distorted again
Eye of Lenna
Brightly coloured peppers
Sad looking Lena
Lena on a bad day
Distorted Mona Lisa
Alien Mona Lisa, or Mona Bart
Another distorted Lena
Lena looking daggers
Distorted face image
Red I
Lenna yet again, close to shoulder
Cold shoulder
Landscape generated from full Lena image
Landscape from the Full Lena