On the dock

It feels colder now - the freshening breeze
puckers up goose bumps on my wet legs.
The towel around me, chin on my knees
Watching as Joe slowly rows back from Meg's.

Reluctance itself - love-bitten young Joe.
Already his folks party loud up the lake.
Soon he'll be there too. Alone. She said no.
He's aching, confused, what was his mistake?

The dive of a fisher, thirty feet out
Widening ripples - but flattening soon
The shuffles and hums - night creatures scout
A tree makes a face and smiles at the moon.

(Now roll a die or choose a number between 1 and 6 for the final couplet.)

1: A laugh breaking water, she yanks at my leg
Splashed off the dock to the arms of my Meg.

2: At least, Joe, you've felt the things I've gone through,
Longing for Meg as I've longed for you.

3: Remember our love, once blushing young too,
Remember when I did the Meg thing to you.

4: I've been there too, Joe. You should see my list
Girls that I wanted and never near kissed.

5: Nature springs back, Joe will live and forget.
Meg is his Rosaline; Next, Juliet.

6: I envy the pain of the asker told "No",
Shyness is dumb. I wish I was like Joe.
At least he had a go.
At least he let her know.