The wisest and justest and best

The Jailor
I used to go to him and talk at night
Or mostly listen - That was what I'd do
And he would love me in his eyes. He knew
The world and me, the gods. And those two bright
Eyes saw through me, saw through them all. But sight
Was not enough - of course he knew that too.
He was my father, as his love was true
I took it, just as I would take life's light.

And of them all my insult was the last,
Forgiven last, unfitly honored past
My station. Sometimes see again those eyes.
Wrong to suppose that he would merely cast
His life away. Neglect to make that last
Libation. Poison only for the wise.

Time, time enough, the hilltops are alight.
This weeping sun, wrenched from the just - still bends
a final ray. When he again attends
this world no glory will redeem our blight.
Great sun resist! And tarry. Stem the night!
Stay, eat and drink, enjoy beloved friends.
Eternity may mark time, for the ends
Of lives are marked by this world's pulses. Spite
The destiny that petty ignorance
Has ordained. And draw this parting moment
Into hours of sweetest fellowship. Pour
Full measure of your soul's benevolence
Into thirsty vessels - and by our intent
We'll be your spirit sprung alive once more.