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Ghost Notes

The Kiss I'd Kill For










Long before now
I could have told how it would end
Tending the life you've got to spend,
You reap what you sow.

Yes I was there
But I was young and unaware
Of how the days were mine to dare
Not just to weigh and stow

So long, they stretched towards the sun
Never would be done, all things arranged.
So neat, so tragically complete,
And all the things that I knew,
How long it takes to lose a few.

But if I try
Classify the worlds I missed
All of the thrills I never kissed,
Places I couldn't go.

Draw, win or lose,
If I could choose someone to be
I think that I would stick with me
The devil I know...

We shone and turned towards the sun,
Now those days are gone, we're on our own.
I've grown, or maybe I've just changed,
And all of the things that we knew,
How do they look now to you?

I thread the rope
Down the telescope of time
Beckon the younger me to climb
Come see a future view.

See how your dreams
Make broken themes in later years
Look at the joys that once were fears -
If you only knew...

No words, and so I bite my tongue
What one is more wrong - to speak or sigh?
One way I sound an old cliche
But silence betrays me like a lie
And nobody's left to tell me why.


Sometimes I think it's getting late
Guess a person's fate is to be free,
Free, free to change a mind, decide
All of your dreams never applied,
Noone was right. Nobody lied.


I'm in love
At least until tomorrow
That's why it's best you know the score
I never been this way before
Well maybe once or twice, no more
You need to know how I feel,
Lover or not, I'm real.

Take your time
You shouldn't have to hurry
But I can't wait for yesterday
It's not I've got to have my way
It's just a thing I need to say
So look in my eyes and see
I love you... but don't trust me.

'Cause let me tell you: I've been known
For letting things get overblown.
I wouldn't lie, it's not that I would try deceive you,
It will be nice, but don't be surprised the day I leave you,
Time after time, I'm changing my mind.
That's me, just me.

Don't you hate
Those agonized departures?
When love moves on, and words can't say
It's over now. We'll be ok,
There's nothing owed, nothing to pay
Better to say at first,
Our last day won't be our worst.

So goodbye,
I'll say it now, not later,
'Cos now it's really just a game
Before we know we'll meet again
Or longing flickers into flame
So tell me goodbye, and then,
Won't need to say again.

For let me tell you: I have known
The pain of leaving when love's grown
But at the end, don't let's pretend for fear of hurting,
We'll know instead, goodbye's been said, no final curtain.
Time after time, I'm guarding my mind.
That's me, just me.


No words,
I saw you hurting, I turned away,
No words,
You wouldn't want me to see, or stay.
'Cos I knew you -
You had me down
I'm the joker,
Cynic and clown
All I'd done and all I said
Would show that I could handle

My life,
Sweetly deranged, almost in control
Your life,
Kind of the same, now I see the whole
I could spin the world
Under my thumb
It's a trick I learned
Easy for some
All you'd done and all you'd said
Made me believe that we both

Know the game, cool and smart
Playing all the winner's parts
Living truth: the face a mask but no disguise
You were there where I was too,
Never asked, never knew,
Too wise to look into each other's eyes.

You were
Someone who knew me, but not too good
No threat
Couldn't see through me, of course you could
We were so loud
Nothing was heard
We were so proud
Nothing was shared
My fears concealed, your tears alone
You nor I would blink first

I was there where you were too,
Never asked, what you're going through?
'Cos I knew that I'd hear myself in your lies
No words told about
Sentences alone served out
Silence as empty as my aching eyes.

No words, had to wait
Till you're gone, became too late
To save ourselves losing all to the game
Sending through the void to you
Call to say it's got me too
Just to say that always we were both the same


There was noise in the sky
And a flash lit his eye
The rain fell like a prayer
And he never turned to go
He just watched the steel-grey road
Looking for his lover in the air.

She'd been there once long time
She'd been there in his mind
And told him she'd return
In the darkness of the day
When the water-blankets sway
If he waited long enough to learn.

Shapes around him, rainmist curling,
Is it her? Streaming like a beam of snow
Never the same
But he would know her anywhere, in the air.

Turned his wet frozen feet
Down the rain running street
And wore his collar high
Was she gone or was she there?
Was she faithful, did she care?
Only hope, he must believe or die.


When the gates close behind
On the torments of mind
He rises to her call
Knows the joy he knew before
Gives the sign she can't ignore
Knows and takes and she can have his all

In another universe
They love again
All the stars around them run
She knew for ever he would come
To meet her there in the air

She said:

These eternal dreams I give
They are for you, love,
the moments that you lack,
My world will always call me back,
But not alone, with you my own.

Long before the dawn of years
She'd told him she'd be there
No more fears
Only meet me in the air.


It's getting late now.
The silence of the night
Echos back my questions,
Answers all denied.

A dream slips through my mind
As if you spoke again
A smile lifts from your lips
My best and final friend

You know, it's been so long,
Or maybe just a moment,
Your fingers on my hand,
And no words mean what that last touch meant.

There's a bright star in the sky tonight
And I think it's shining for me
A sun's stream, a million years light
Washes one more life out to sea.
I don't know all the answers
I don't know just one
There's a bright star in the sky tonight
It's the only light I left on.


Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again
Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again

We planned the whole thing together,
Some great rewarding endeavour,
Built a team, we were too good
Pulled the jobs and spilt no blood.

We took our chance when we sensed it,
Seized it and stole it and fenced it.
Almost rich, the world our take,
Bread in hand, a piece of cake.

Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again
Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again

Will you be sorry I'm leaving?
Glad that you woke up still breathing?
Sleep now my friend, and dream of me,
Of never such seas and liberty.

They say your partner has tricked you,
Just left enough to convict you,
Taken the rest, invested in space
Sand on the beach, pretty nice place

Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again
Goodbye my friend, it's hard to leave you
I don't know when I'll see you again

Now you've held me close
We said goodbye
Caught the moonlight in your eye.
Sailing on again, for some far bay,
Hope that you'll be back someday.

And you, you mean so very much to me.
You, you showed me things I couldn't see.

I'll remember
Your face next year
You'll forget my smile and tear.
Moving on again, it's just your way,
Where, I'd ask you. Please don't say.

But you, you mean so very much to me.
You, you showed me things I couldn't see.
And you mean so very much to me.