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The Kiss I'd Kill For

John Allen Robinson

Watching the wake dissolve into distance, watching with a girl whose stories he can't trust, Dan Thorne, drummer of a washed-up band, stands too close to a disappearance.

It happens at one in the morning, only yards from where Dan and Jen the storyteller lean against the ferry's rail. They're unaware, but already caught in the web of lies around the vanishing passenger.

In the morning Dan fights a thief for a stolen bag. Inside, a suicide note and a clue that implicates his own sister. He's passing nothing to the police till he's worked out what's real, even though Dan and Jen are soon suspects, and the story Jen tells of their night together horrifies him.

Taking you back to the 1990s, through Northern England, Northern Frace and the North Sea, The Kiss I'd Kill For is a multi-level mystery trip with a narrator who has a lot to learn.

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